Book: De Scan (dutch)


In De Scan, Marko van der Beek shows how, with the help of his scanning method, you gain insights into your current process with which you better understand the imbalance in your entire body and see what programming is behind it. This unique body scan measures your energy and psychological state at the cellular level, after which a ScanCoach helps you discover how you can break through the causes of your current process based on the results. Then you explore together what the common thread in your life is and you can – however difficult and painful sometimes – come to change in areas where you may have always wanted it.

Due to the exciting search for the origin of the Russian scanning device and the involvement of the KGB, De Scan Like an adventure novel, but you’ll also learn how this scan works (spoiler: simply by putting on headphones!) and how this scan helps you intervene in your life. Because only when you are aware of what unconscious programming is going on in your system, you can answer the questions that keep presenting themselves and discover what you have to do in this life.


Today’s information overload causes turmoil in our entire system and that maddening restlessness in turn leads to stress, depression and burnout. Behind this turmoil are individual, unconscious programming. Wouldn’t it give us a wealth of information and insights if we knew about these programs?

Engineer Marko van der Beek became intrigued by a mysterious box from Russia that measures the psychological state of the body with a body scan. After a long and exciting search for the genesis of this scanning equipment, he is now the developer of the ScanCoaching methodology and he trains coaches and therapists who work with their clients with this deep insight-providing scanning technology.