Psyray has helped more than a thousand clients in various applications and achieved the desired result for them; from improving performance and leadership to health and well-being, solving burnout and reducing stress, fatigue and migraine.

Some of these clients participated in an independent monitoring of the process and the results obtained   by medical research firm Soffos.


Business market (95%) and private market (5%)




Each client underwent a program of 5 sessions spread over a period of an average of 3 months. For each client, a goal was set from the following 4 possibilities:

  • Leadership
  • Purpose
  • Performance
  • Vitality


  • Via the validated Stress REM test (Soffos) on 4 topics: Coping, Time Management, Health and Stress
  • Net Promoter

Results Soffos:

Results NPS:

Results CS:

Significant improvement on all subjects with n=143, p=,000

Net Promoter Score = +100 with n=362

Customer Satisfaction = 9.3 with n=362