Psyray technology

In the world, there has long been a need to understand the processes of man, both psychologically and physically. The current (para) medical assistance uses different techniques to find out this information. The ‘reading out’ of information from the human body can be done in three ways:

  1. Physiological
  2. Electroacupuncture
  3. Radiological


The various bioresonance devices typically work with electrodes that the patient holds. The skin resistance is measured by making an electrical circuit. The signals are carried out by the hardware as electromagnetic signals during testing. Using a simple and safe low voltage circuit that is formed by two electrodes on the body. This records the body’s response to these signals.

The measured response is small changes in the electrical resistance of the skin.

This idea has been developed in various devices such as SCIO, Indigo, Energetix, L.I.F.E., MARS III and Asyra.


Electroacupuncture does not use needles, but depends on the supplier of test pins, electrodes on the finger, handles and foot plates, among other things.

In the late 1940s, the German physician and engineer began dr. Reinhard Persevere with the development of electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV), also known as Vollse acupuncture, and as Electro-Dermale Screening (EDS).

Electroacupuncture according to Voll follows the idea of acupuncture that the body is classified into meridians, that an energy system in the body can become unbalanced, and that problems at the acupuncture points can be met.

Examples of such devices include BICOM, MORA, VEGAtest and Prognos


Radiological equipment is used to look up the nature and place of an illness, injury or condition by means of rays or waves. In radiological equipment, it is assumed that the tissue emits energy that can be read out electromagnetically (with antennas). Magnetism and electrical charge are used.

Each application has its own frequencies to which ‘read’ is read. MRI, EGC and CT work with a magnetic field to scan the electrical charge at specific frequencies. Ultrasound works with sound waves. META scan, ETAscan, Oberon, Metatron and Psyray work within the magnetic field with different frequency bands to use these frequencies as a carrier to read the sampled information (see how it works).

Psyray technology

In the meantime, psyray technology has arrived at version 4.0. It has been redeveloped with all knowledge since 1973 into a new product that went into production in 2019. For four years we worked to improve NLS technology (the basis for Oberon, Metatron, ETAscan, META scan, Psychotronics, Physiospect and VitaScan). To give a picture of the development, here are the biggest differences:

Psyray Technology NLS Systems
3 trigger sensors 1 trigger sensor
5 additional sensors 0 additional sensors
17 units chart 9 units chart
92%-95% reliability 85%-95% reliability
Psychologically oriented algorithms Physically-oriented algorithms
Shows current process Shows current pathology
Focused on awareness Focused on repair
Works from core pieces Works from difficienties
Scan engine from 2019 Scan engine from 2006
Software in 7 languages (En, En, De, Fr, Es, It, Ru) Software not in Dutch