Psyray is a groundbreaking combination of unique psychophysical software, Big Data and advanced scanning technology. It is the result of decades of development and research, with a unique focus on psychophysical relationships in the human system. It gives a clear insight into the client’s subconscious and conscious processes, as well as the actual cause that has led to psychological or physical characteristics. Psyray also provides in-depth information on the development of the current process, from conception to the present. The imprint is the basis of all subconscious programming. It results in a unique system that provides clients with both historical insight and a future path.

Psyray is not revolutionary in the holistic view of how the human system works: the psychological processes are strongly linked – as a cause – to the physical processes. Psyray also builds on the knowledge and vision of mainstream psychology, as well as the Traditional Chinese Medicin (TCM) and other centuries-old expertises.

Psyray is revolutionary how it created the software intelligence in combination with Big Data and the client data that has been obtained, as well as in the speed at which this information becomes available.