Psyray is the ultimate tool for professionals and specialists, giving them a significant improvement in the results and speed of their services.

Professionals from psychologists to psychiatrists, from doctors and physiotherapists to mental & executive coaches, quickly obtain (in just one hour) the crucial dates and cause of their client’s processes; the fastest in-depth psychophysical research. After that, the professionals can work directly with their client on progress, by forming the overall picture from all available anchor points. This can be done in combination with your own expertise and insights, or by following the available methodology and protocols that have proven to achieve a successful result.

Psyray shows the client:

  • Current process
  • Imprint or the compensatory trauma that leads to the current process
  • Safety mechanisms built around the trauma
  • Most affected organ in the current state
  • Establishing trauma in the prenatal and perinatal state
  • Playing field in which the process is visible
  • Solution in clear steps to release the trauma

Client experience

In a comfortable manner for the client, sitting at a desk with special headphones on the head, the Psyray system reads the entire human system in detail, with the client graphically following the progress on the computer screen.

After the scanning process, the specialist goes to work with the system. The system transforms the raw data into detailed, in-depth and accurate psychological and physical information of the client.

Based on this important information, the specialist will work directly with the client on his desired progress.