Applications of the Psyray system

Psyray is a proven and powerful tool for professionals active in the mental and physical field, with a wide variety of possibilities. These are based on the combination of 3 types of information established with the technology:

  • Establish the current state, psychologically and physically.
  • Identify the underlying (subconscious) processes that led to the current status, back to the actual cause and ultimately the imprint.
  • Calculate the best suitable path for the future.


Based on this, the use of Psyray provides specific information that can be used in an application from 3 different objectives:

  • Identify and solve problems, such as psychological and emotional, behaviour, stress, burn out, addictions, sleep, migraines and fears.
  • Improving performance such as in leadership, awareness, character traits, sports performance, mentality, vitality and well-being.
  • Establish a specific status or information such as professional skills (e.g. for HR / recruitment / assessment) or mental resilience (e.g. for pilots, police & military personnel who have a gun at their disposal, etc.)


This translates to the following different combinations of possible markets and applications:

  • Mental health market: psychology, psychiatry
  • Health market: (home) doctor, physiotherapy, osteopathy
  • Business market: programs for leadership development, executive coaching, vitality, performance, mobility, stress management, burn out & burn in, disease prevention, profiling.
  • B2C market: addictions, complementary and alternative therapies.
  • Specials: performance programs for (top) athletes, musicians, actors, artists and artists.


For a number of applications, Psyray has the methodology and protocols available that will give a successful result, in the consistent use of the method. The development of this methodology and protocols is done in collaboration with professionals from that market. Our door is always open for new partnerships and added expertise.

For applications in combinations with existing markets and applications, there are various technical possibilities for exchanging the information towards those applications, from PDF to XML. If you are interested in this, please contact us.