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We are one of the leading organizations in scanning the mental state of a person. We have been investigating this subject since 1973. We invent and build technology and create databases, software and protocols in the psychological field.

In the past decade we have discovered that we can calculate the basic imprint – the starting point of the current process – based on the scanned (Big) Data. This is an important step in prenatal psychology. With this information the cause of the current process can be found.

Also in depth psychology, based on observation behaviour, PSY·ray Professional has algorithms that make the gaps in the process visible from the subconscious.

Since Freud and Jung there has never been a major breakthrough in psychological insights. Now there is PSY·ray Technology.

It is a revolution in psychology.

We promise

With PSY·ray professional software we show:
  • Current process
  • Imprint or compensatory trauma that lies beneath the current process
  • Safety mechanism built around the trauma
  • Most taxed body in the current state
  • Playground where the process is visible
  • Solution in concrete steps to release the trauma

We hope

A mental scan is as normal as visiting the dentist.

We are

We are one of the world leading research organisations in scanning the mental state of a human being. Since 1973 we do research on this topic.

We are inventing and building technology and creating databases, software and protocols in the psychological field.

PSY·ray International. The Voice of Tone.